Oxygen-Infused Nourishment For Your Skin


  From O3 Skincare™ founder, Rima Star

   A big part of my life's work for health and well-being has centered around use of both body and breath to help people maintain excellent normal body functioning .In 2004, I began to learn about bubbling oxygen through natural and organic jojoba esters, and other oils, as a way to nourish skin through oxygen oil massage.
   I began using the ozone- oxygenated jojoba for my own daily skin care and discovered that I could no longer go back to non-oxygenated oils. I could feel that my skin drank in the oxygen-jojoba combination and literally began to respond like nourishedglowing, healthful skin. People around me began to notice and comment positively on my skin. That of course led me to sharing oxygenated jojoba  with others and they began to experience the benefits as well. 
     I felt at the time that I would love to make this combination available to more people and imagined that "one day" I would have the time and learn what it would take to make that possible! That day has arrived by the fact that I have been able to find, learn about and purchase state of the art oxygen equipment that allows me to produce these wonderful products. Bubbling ozone- oxygen is a time-intensive labor of love but well worth the results
     I am delighted to  announce the availability of  O3 Skincare™ products--O3 Jojoba Skin Conditioner, O3 Jojoba Oxy-Rich Serum and O3 Jojoba Oxy-Vital Super Cream. These products are available to purchase through this site, by phone, email, or attending an informational sharing and testing of products in the Austin, Texas, area. 
    Retail, special orders and other oils are available. 
    I  welcome your input, questions and ideas for these products and  future combinations. 
    I am happy to celebrate the launch of O3 Skincare Oxygen-Infused Cellular Nourishment for you and your families.

Rima Star, founder
O3 Skincare™
Austin, Texas
June, 2011

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